Love Your Spine

Luck of the Healthy

Posted: March 20, 2019
By: Dr. Elizabeth Crumbaugh

As we come up to St. Patrick’s Day many people think of green beer, red headed Irish folks, and lucky four-leaf clovers. It is a day many people celebrate living and loving life with their family and friends, and they hope they can gain some of the “luck of the Irish” for their lives. But what about the luck of the healthy?

Good Health is Something Worked At!

              Good health is not something that is traditionally stumbled across. Good health is worked at and treasured by who have it. Some people will say that healthy people “have good genes” or are “naturally skinny” or “everyone in my family has heart problems so with my luck I’ll get it too”. But to get and maintain good health everyone must make choices to continue down that path. It can be as simple as only eating half the food on your plate when you go out to eat, ordering a glass of water instead of a soda with dinner, choosing to take the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Not every choice has to be large and “life changing”; but every choice has the potential to change your life.

There are 96 joints in your spine alone!

                Health is multi-faceted. It includes what you eat and drink, how much you move, what kinds of movements you do (such as do you lift weights or practice cardio exercises), as well as how well you move. This last point includes both how well your muscles move as well as how your joints move. There are TONS of joint in your body. For example, in your spine alone you have 3 joints for each bone in your low back and neck and 5 joints for each bone in your mid-back. That gives a total of 96 joints in your spine alone!

                So, for a person to be healthy they must make consciences choices as to what they eat and drink, make sure they move throughout the day, AND make sure that their body is able to move the hundreds of muscles and joints it has properly. Therefore, if you are “lucky enough” to be healthy you know that luck didn’t have much to do with it. So, enjoy your green beer and potatoes, but make sure you don’t rely on luck for your health.

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