Love Your Spine

Chiropractic & Shoulder Pain

Posted: May 20, 2019
By: Dr. Elizabeth Crumbaugh

Did you know chiropractic can help with more than just back pain? Many times in conversations with new acquaintances I find that people only think chiropractic can help with back or neck pain. Chiropractic can actually help treat many conditions not only those in the neck or back. Today we are going to talk about shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain can be from a variety of causes. The cause of the pain can come from a subluxation, or misalignment, in your neck or your midback area. It can be from a subluxation in the shoulder joint itself. Or it can be associated with either too tight or too stretched muscles in and around the shoulder area.

Rather than explaining the ins and outs of shoulder pain let me give you some examples of patients who have had shoulder pain that we have helped.

Patient A came to see us after suffering with right shoulder pain for weeks. She was having trouble moving her arm up and down, sleeping, putting on jackets, getting her hair put up, etc. She had a job where she had to be on a computer and use her right arm throughout the day for work. She was to the point where she was having difficulty doing her job as desired due to the lack of motion and pain in her arm. She started seeing us and within a few short weeks she had significantly improved movement and her pain was drastically decreased. I think she says it best with this testimonial:

                “I came in with horrible shoulder pain and was almost to the point of not being able to use it. Within a few times of being treated Dr. Crumbaugh had me moving it again and without pain. She has also got the rest of my body in alignment and I feel great… Thank you Dr. Crumbaugh and Darian, you ladies are absolutely amazing.” (Google Review)

Patient B was having pain in both his shoulders spreading numbness and tingling into both of his hands. He was 19 years old and trying to work and go to school. He was having difficulty with both these tasks as he couldn’t concentrate from his shoulders and his job required him to lift his hands over his head constantly at work and he was beginning to be unable to perform that motion due to the pain and numbness and tingling in his shoulders and hands. After 3 months he no longer had pain and was able to work and go to school again. Here are his x-rays:


                              Before                                                                                                        After

From these examples you can see that we treat shoulder pain every day. We are trained to treat shoulder pain whether the cause of the pain is from the neck, the midback, or something in the muscles; and we get great success with our patients.

Now the big question is: Who do you know that had shoulder pain or numbness into the hands that we can help?